Design Consultation

Our clientele are very important to us and we value every minute of your time. We understand the importance of making the right decision when choosing the ideal rug to turn your home into your own dream space. At Palace Oriental Rugs, our team works hard to provide design professionals with extensive experience to work with you. 

Our design consultation includes visiting your home to determine the design, size and colors that suit your needs. We will make a selection of the best rugs in our collection and bring them to test in your desired space. Our professionals emphasize the importance of every detail, ensuring that the final product and new appearance of your space is exactly what you envisioned. 

At Palace Oriental Rugs we are committed to providing you with the best collection of handmade oriental rugs. We supply the best quality and designs to specifically tailor your needs. 

Visit us or call us at our showroom today and enjoy the experience.

Custom Rugs

Our commitment leads us to always be in constant search for quality, decorative materials and solutions that are at the height of an increasingly eager and passionate client. This helps us fulfill the needs of someone that  is looking for an alternative in trend designs, while still appreciating the value of classic taste.  

That is why in addition to our extensive collection, we offer the possibility of having a carpet tailored to your exact and custom needs. You can choose from the great diversity of patterns, colors, designs and sizes that adapt to your needs.

Repair services

Oriental rugs offer beauty and a distinct uniqueness to your home. These valuable pieces of old handmade, hand-knotted, collectible, family heirloom, or new carpets, all need special attention and care.

The purpose of repairing these pieces is to restore the original beauty and physical integrity that may have been damaged by the years of use. This is achieved by recreating or re-weaving pieces of the carpet, whether it is the surface pile, holes or the foundation.

The restoration requires extensive skill and a precise technique, as well as discernment in the play of thread, texture and color. This process requires experience and a refined eye.

Cleaning & Protection

Over time,  carpets can accumulate areas with a build up of mud and or soil.  In some cases accidents can cause damage to the carpets, leaving unpleasant stains or bad odors.

Our team of professionals is more than capable of dealing with any damage that may arise.  Not only can we help with the maintenance of your rug, but we also provide effective and deep removal of dirt, mud, spills, wine, and more.

We will handle unpleasant odors caused by pet urine or other items that have been trapped in the carpet.

We warn all of our clients on how to take the necessary precautions for preventing an accumulation of bacteria or germs in the tissues of your carpet. We provide both the necessary equipment and products to make sure your carpet is in the cleanest and best shape at all times.